Locksmith for Your Home

Whether you're reviewing your home security, or you've suffered a break-in, we're on the spot to advise you of the best locks for your doors, windows, garage or outbuildings.

Locksmith for Your Home

Call a Locksmith

Locksmiths aren't just here to get you into your home when you're locked out, we're also more than happy to come along and review your locks and general home security. We can't emphasise enough, the value of good quality locks on doors and windows.

Security Locks

Installing high quality security locks can frustrate attempts by a burglar, to gain access to your property. It can slow down break-in attempts to the point where the perpetrator is likely to give up or make so much noise, trying to get in, that they will draw attention to their actions.

Every Euro profile lock that we fit to upvc, patio, and composite doors are anti snap, anti drill, anti bump and anti pick. They conform to the British standard 1 star rating, signifying to any would-be burglar that they will not find a soft option here. The visual deterrent this symbol makes may have saved many people from being victims themselves. We do this for no extra cost. We do also offer the BS 3star cylinders, but they do have an additional cost.

Moving Home

If you've just moved into a new home then it's a good idea to get your locks changed at least for the major access points. Get in Touch with Nottingham Locksmiths so we can both change those locks, do a quick review of general security and put you at ease before you start redecorating or buying new goods.